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Small Business Hosted PBX

     Package Includes:


  • 1 * Virtual Number;

  • 1 * Extension;

  • All PBX Std features

Are you a business owner who is either on the road or office bound with no receptionist to answer your calls? Are you looking to get a more professional look for your company?


This package suits your requirement, as you will get a professional welcome message, voice mail which is emailed to you and call forwarding to your mobile number.


It’s as if you never left the office.

Medium Business Hosted PBX

     Package Includes:


  • 1 * Virtual Number;

  • 10 * Extension;

  • All PBX Std features

Designed for medium businesses, no need to install and route costly copper cabling through your office in order to connect a phone onto your network.


Our solution is designed for quick plug and play connectivity. Simply connect to an IP phone to your current internet port and in a matter of seconds you can start making outbound/inbound calls with all the benifits of a PBX solution.

Corporate Saver Hosted PBX

     Package Includes:


  • 1 * Virtual Number;

  • 30 * Extension;

  • All PBX Std features

  • IVR

  • Conference Calls

  • Listen In

Corporate saver gives your company the cutting edge solution to connect all your employees onto a next generation unified communications platform.


Get the most with features like IVR used to direct your customers to different departments in your organisation, conference calling and Listen In for training purposes.

R 195 per month
R 745 per month
R 2070 per month

* All Packages can be tailored to suit your requirement, subject to once of charges, handsets not included