Get a Virtual Number

Manage your employee calls more effectively with our Virtual Number.


Use our Virtual number and manage your employee calls with our live platform. Does your employees use their mobile phone to call your clients. Is this professional enough? With a Voice24 Virtual Number, your contacts will dial a fixed-line number that will ring straight on your mobile. You can be anywhere in the world, but stay local and professional for your business contacts.


Or perhaps you have an international clientele and want to give your customers in London, New York or Hong Kong a sense of local presence. With a virtual number your office is only a local call away.


How does it work?


Incoming calls are forwarded to the pre-set telephone number(s) you choose. This can be any phone number on any network in any country. The caller will pay the standard rate for calls to your number and you pay for the call to the destination.


Voice24 offers new geographic and non-geographic phone numbers throughout South Africa and quite a few international destinations too. You can even keep (port) your existing geographic phone number when you move to Voice24.


What do I need

All you will need to be fully location independent is a telephone number and a VoIP account. The total costs for a Virtual Number is R70 per month + call charges for forwarded calls. Check out our call rates, on average they are 30-60% lower than Telkom. And without the need for a landline you'll save even more!