Hosted PBX
SIP Trunks

Our Hosted PBX or Virtual Switchboard is a telephone exchange that is located on the Internet, or 'in the cloud'.


Minimal hardware investment, no maintenance, no backups needed, no limitations, scalable solutions for business, home & worldwide connections.

Gain the benifits of unified communications, never miss a call with our platform. Easily manage your account from our client zone.

SIP trunking

Use your on-site PBX and also benefit from our awesome call rates


If you have your own VoIP server (PBX), but would still like to enjoy our awesome call rates, a Voice24 SIP trunk is what you need.

You can upgrade or downgrade the amount of lines you require, whenever you want.


A VoIP trunk is used to connect to your own IP PBX. The amount of lines can be adjusted on a day to day basis.